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Information for submitting lists


To stand as a candidate you must be Catalan and not be ineligible for any reason.

‘Catalan’ means all Spanish nationals who are legally resident in Catalonia, i.e. people of Spanish nationality who are aged 18 or over and on the population register in a municipality in Catalonia or living abroad whose last address was in a municipality in Catalonia.

The following may nominate candidates or lists:

  • Parties and federations registered with the Ministry of the Interior’s Register of Political Parties.
  • Coalitions which have reported their formation to the relevant provincial electoral commission between 29 October and 7 November 2017.
  • Groups of voters which have gathered the signatures of at least 1% of the people registered on the electoral roll of the constituency in which they are standing. They can only start collecting signatures once the election has been called.

Parties, federations and coalitions which have not won any seats in the Parliament in the previous elections require the signature at least 0.1% of the voters registered on the electoral roll of the constituency in which they wish to stand. No voter may sign for more than one list.

The period for submitting lists is from 12 to 17 November 2017.

The lists, signed by the representatives of the parties, federations and coalitions and by the promoters of groups of voters, have to be submitted to the provincial electoral committee for the constituency in which they are standing.

Lists must be submitted in writing and clearly state the name, acronym and symbol of the party, federation, coalition or group of voters and the full name of the candidates on the list.

This written declaration must be accompanied by a statement of acceptance of the list and documents certifying the eligibility of the candidates.

Lists submitted by groups of voters must be accompanied by documents proving they have the number of signatures required by law for them to stand in the elections.