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The Catalan Economy
Issue Number 02
It is a pleasure to present to you the second issue of the on-line newsletter The Catalan Economy. Although full consolidation cannot be claimed until a longer series is available, we are confident that this second issue puts us well into the way.
The Generalitat upholds its full transparency policy before the Spanish Government and Eurostat regarding its accounts
The State is attempting to divert to the Generalitat the responsibilities for its differences with Eurostat.
The autonomous communities have been waiting two years for the Spanish Government to reform the financing model
The new system was to come into effect in January 2014 but the State has postponed the reform, replacing it with loans to the communities
The Spanish Government imposes on the Generalitat new access conditions to the Autonomic Liquidity Fund
The Generalitat of Catalonia considers that the State Government infringes the principles of financial autonomy and equality provided respectively in articles 156.1 and 139.1 of the Spanish Constitution.
Catalonia consolidates its position as one of the main European destinations for direct foreign investment
According to the latest data available, gross foreign direct investment in Catalonia grew by 281% during the first half of the year and accounts for 23% of all foreign investments in Spain in the period.

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