The following persons can vote in the elections for the Parliament of Catalonia:

  • All Catalan nationals, over eighteen on the day of elections, who are not in any of the situations that legally deprive them of the right to vote and who are registered on the electoral roll.
  • Spanish nationals residing abroad who have legal residence in Catalonia and who can verify this status to the corresponding consulate of Spain, and also their descendants registered as Spanish citizens, if requested, as determined by law.


No. No one may be obliged or coerced to vote under any pretext in exercising their right to vote, nor to disclose their vote.

You can exercise your right to vote as follows:

  • Vote in person at the corresponding polling station.
  • Voting by post, by prior application to the provincial delegation of the Office of the Electoral Roll, which can be done at any post office. 

There are other voting procedures in addition to voting in person and voting by post from Spain, which you will find explained in the “Types of voting” sections, which are as follows: 

  • Voting in person (voting at the polling station).
  • Voting by post (from Spain).
  • Voting by those voters residing abroad (CERA).
  • Voting by voters who are temporarily abroad (ERTA).
  • Voting by those who have visual disabilities.
  • Voting by incapacitated or disabled voters.
  • Voting by those at sea.
  • Voting by personnel on foreign missions.
  • Voting by prison inmates.

Yes. All those who are or who reach the age of 18 on 21 December can vote.