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Types of voting

The voting procedure for personnel on merchant or deep-sea fishing fleet ships registered in Spain, who have to remain onboard during the electoral process and during that period call in at ports in the country, is postal voting with the following specific features: 

  • The certificate of registration in the electoral roll and documentation to exercise the right to vote will be requested by radiotelegraphy, email, or fax from the provincial office of the Electoral Roll Office where the voter is registered in the period between 28 October and 11 Desember (both inclusive). The message will contain the following information: 
  • Name of the applicant.
  • National Identity Card (DNI) number.  
  • Date of birth and municipality and province of birth.
  • Municipality of registration of the voter where they are included on the electoral roll.
  • Name of the ship they are on.
  • Port(s) at which the ship is expected to call with an indication of the specific dates when it will do so. 

If the electoral documents can be received by another ship, the owner, consignee or ship to which they should be sent should be stated. 

  • Once the relevant provincial office of the Electoral Roll Office has checked the registration of the applicant, it will accept the application and send the documents to the port or owner, consignee or ship which the voter has specified between 1 and 14 Desember (both inclusive). 
  • Once the voter receives the electoral documentation, they will send it to their committee by registered post no later than 17 Desember from any port where the ship docks.