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Types of voting

The Electoral Roll Office sends all voters an electoral roll card which contains the updated details of their registration on the electoral roll, the section for which they are registered, the committee where they have to cast their ballot and the address of the polling station. 

However, you can also check your polling station: 

  • In person:
  • At your local council
  • At the provincial offices of the Electoral Roll Office 
  • By phone:
  • By calling the Electoral Roll Office on 901 101 900 
  • Online:

Voting begins at 9 am on 2 desember and continues nonstop until 8 pm on the same day, although if there are voters in the polling station or at its entrance at this time they will be allowed to vote. 

If there is any kind of interruption, the closing time will be delayed by the same time as the interruption lasted (although not by more than one hour). 

You can identify yourself to the polling station committee with your: 

  • National Identity Card (DNI).
  • Passport (with photograph).
  • Driving licence (with photograph). 

It does not matter if these documents have expired, but they must be originals; under no circumstances will a photocopy be accepted. 

No, not in any way and under no circumstances. The vote is personal and may not be exercised by delegation. 

However, voters who cannot read or who due to some form of disability are unable to choose a ballot paper or put it in the envelope and give it to the chair of the committee may be accompanied a person they trust to help them in the voting process, from the choice of the ballot paper to handing the ballot paper over to the chair of the committee.