The election campaign lasts 15 days. 

It starts at midnight of 5 December and finishes at midnight of 20 December.

Town councils must reserve official premises and public places, free of charge, for holding election campaign events. 

To do so, town councils must notify between 29 October and 4 November the election commission of the pertinent area, and they must notify the provincial electoral commission. 

This list must specify the dates and times when each facility is available and it must be published in the Official Journal of the Province no later than 12 November.

No. Once the list has been published in the Official Journal of the Province, representatives of the lists can apply to the area electoral commissions to use premises and facilities for campaign meetings. 

On 28 November the area electoral commissions will divide up the premises and facilities in accordance with Article 57.4 of Organic Law 5/1985, of 19 June, regarding the general electoral system.


Opinion polls cannot be disseminated or published in any medium between 16 and 20 December.