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Types of voting

The voting procedure for personnel on Navy ships or who are in the army or air force and are deployed outside Spain and are taking part in or cooperating with the armed forces of allied countries and international organisations on humanitarian aid missions or peace missions is postal voting. They have to apply to vote by post between 28 October and 11 Desember, both inclusive, with the following special features: 

  • The ship’s commander or the unit commander sends the list of personnel who wish to vote to the Directorate General of Personnel in the Ministry of Defence, which will forward the applications for the certificate of registration in the electoral roll and the documents for voting to the relevant provincial offices of the Electoral Roll Office. 

The following must be stated for each applicant: 

  • Full name of the applicant.
  • National Identity Card (DNI) number.
  • Date of birth and municipality and province of birth.
  • Municipality of residence where they are included on the electoral roll. 
  • Once the relevant provincial office of the Electoral Roll Office has checked the registration of the applicant, it will accept the application and send the documents to the Directorate General of Personnel in the Ministry of Defence between 1 and 14 Desember (both inclusive) so it can forward the documents as quickly as possible to the recipient. 
  • Once the voter has received the election documents they will then cast their ballot. The ship’s commander or unit commander will safeguard the ballots cast and ensure that they are kept secure and secret until they are collected by the person tasked with transporting them to their destination in Spain. 

The Directorate General of Personnel in the Ministry of Defence will send the ballots received to the post office no later than 17 Desember. Extension of term: since December 17 is Sunday, the period is extended until Monday, December 18, in the usual opening hours of Post offices and at latest until 2:00 pm.