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Types of voting

For the blind voters the system of assisted vote is foreseen. 

The voters that are blocked to choose a ballot paper or to place it in the envelope can be assisted by a person of its confidence for exercising the right to vote. 

However, there is a procedure of accessible vote for these persons.

The persons with visual disability registered in the electoral roll who know the system of Braille reading and writing and have a degree of disability equal or superior to 33% recognized or are affiliated to the ONCE.

The voters who want to use the procedure of accessible vote have to request it in the period understood between the 28th October and the 24th November.

The request has to be processed through free telephone 900 400 012. 

The operator/in telephonic he will ask the following data to the requesting person: 

  • Name
  • Surnames
  • It dates since birth
  • DNI
  • Address
  • Electronic mail address
  • Telephone of contact

The procedure of accessible vote consists of the utilization of ballot papers and envelopes of vote normalized, which a complementary documentation in system accompanies Braille that allows the identification of the option of vote with guarantees of autonomy and, therefore, the secret of suffrage to.

The voter who has communicated the intention of using the procedure of accessible vote has to go on the day of the vote to the polling station in which it corresponds to vote. 

The president/a of the polling station or, if it is proper, one of the members, he has to give to the voter person with visual disability the small case that contains the documentation to vote. 

The documentation includes: 

  • Some explanatory instructions, printed in Braille system.
  • One about vote.
  • An envelope for each one of the candidatures with the indication of the candidature in ink and Braille system, and in each one of these envelopes, a ballot paper of vote corresponding to the candidature indicated in the exterior. 

Previously, the president/a or some member has to check out, through the presentation of the DNI, the inclusion of this person in the list of persons who have communicated the intention of using this procedure. (The polling station has this list). 

Equally, the president/to of the board or, if it is proper, one of the members has to indicate it and facilitate the access to the space of the electoral college authorized to use the given documentation. 

Once the option of vote has been selected, the same procedure of vote described for all the electorate is followed. 

However, this procedure of accessible vote has voluntary character, so that the persons who want it can go directly to the polling station and vote assisted by persons of its confidence.